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Come and meet the fabulous felines visiting the National Pet Show!

View the fabulous felines who came to 2018! Keep an eye out for when we announce our 2019 felines. 

Subject to change. 

American Curl  Image
Both days

American Curl

Get to know me:

  • I am friendly and gentle with everyone and I am known for my people-loving personality.
  • Children are not a problem for me, I love to spend my time playing with them!
  • Watch out for my inquisitive side, I’ll learn to open doors and cupboards and I love to sleep up high.

Bengal Image
Both days


Get to know me:

  • I tend to pick favourites so be prepared for a clingy playmate and make sure the rest of the family has thick skin!
  • My active nature and intelligence will make every day a new surprise, I love to explore areas where I can enjoy the outside.
  • I can live with other pets, but I prefer to be the centre of attention.

Birman Image
Both days


Get to know me:

  • I adore having human company and love to ‘chirp’ at my owners for attention.
  • I am known to be a social butterfly and get on well with many other pets, dogs don’t bother me!
  • Please don’t leave me alone for too long and keep me busy in-between naps to avoid boredom and bad behaviour.

Bombay Image
Both days


Get to know me:

  • While I’m happy living with other pets, I prefer to be centre of attention.
  • My calm, gentle and affectionate nature means I love to be petted and I will often stretch out on your lap for belly tickles!
  • My intelligence means I love to play and can quickly learn new tricks.

British Longhair Image
Both days

British Longhair

Get to know me:

  • I am very laid-back and relaxed, preferring to snooze in the sun over playtime.
  • Sometimes I am seen as independent, but I can live quite happily alongside like-minded cats.
  • Please don’t pick me up too often, I prefer to have ‘four feet on the ground’.

British Shorthair Image
Both days

British Shorthair

Get to know me:

  • I am not a demanding diva when it comes to attention due to my mellow and easy-going nature – I might become a bit of a couch potato as I get older!
  • I am quite happy to amuse myself when left alone, your furniture is safe from me!
  • Although I will love you, I can suffer from heart problems.

Burmese Image
Both days


Get to know me:

  • I want to be involved in EVERYTHING. If you don’t like being alone, I’m the cat for you!
  • I don’t do well being left on my own all day, so if you do need to be out please make sure I have some company!
  • Curiosity is my nature, so be prepared to have every inch of your home explored.

Exotic Shorthair Image
Both days

Exotic Shorthair

Get to know me:

  • My reputation for being more active and curious than my Persian cousins means I am a perfect fit for a family on the go!
  • I am not a demanding cat and my needs are easily met, all I really need is lots of love which I will return tenfold.
  • Although my beautiful face is highly desirable, it can mean I develop breathing and eye problems.

Korat Image
Both days


Get to know me:

  • Whether its toys or people, I am not fond of sharing my things, so be prepared for me to spend a lot of time by your side.
  • Traditionally, I was gifted as a pair as I don’t like to be alone, please make sure I have a pal to play with!

Maine Coon Image
Both days

Maine Coon

Get to know me:

  • While I like your company, I am not needy and I’m happy to get on by myself if you’re busy.
  • My good-nature means I live well with many lifestyles and pets, I find it easy to get along with others.
  • I love to play chase, so don’t be alarmed if sometimes I bring home my trophies!

Norwegian Forest Image
Both days

Norwegian Forest

Get to know me:

  • I don’t fully develop till I am about 5 years old, with kitten like traits I love to play with you for much longer than other cats.
  • I am a little bit shy so please give me time whilst I get used to new people.
  • Some people would describe me as sweet and kind because I love people and being around my family.

Oriental Shorthair Image
Both days

Oriental Shorthair

Get to know me:

  • I am a very intelligent kitty which means I can be trained but I also have my own thoughts!
  • You must spend time playing and cuddling with me… I need someone who I can love and who will love me back.

Persian Image
Both days


Get to know me:

  • I have a reputation for being the ultimate glamour puss in the cat world. This means I expect a calm environment and won’t respond to young children who want to play rough.
  • Your attention is not needed 24/7, but when I’m in the mood I love to have a cuddle.
  • Although I am glamorous I am prone to suffering from breathing, eye, heart and kidney problems! So, keep an eye out so I can be the best me.

Ragdoll  Image
Both days


Get to know me:

  • I love being around my human friends and am loyal if you love me back.
  • I am easy going but this means sometimes I can be a little too trusting… so it may be best to keep me as an indoor cat so I don’t wander off!

Ragdoll (Bi-Colour) Image
Both days

Ragdoll (Bi-Colour)

Get to know me:

  • Please don’t leave me alone for too long, I love human company and will never be far from your side!
  • It takes work to be this cute, I need to be brushed a couple times a week to ensure my coat doesn’t matt.

Savannah Image
Both days


Get to know me:

  • I am strong and agile and very playful, so make sure there is someone who will entertain me!
  • In fact, I’m so playful, some would say I have dog-like characteristics. Sometimes I even enjoy a game of fetch!

Scottish Fold Image
Both days

Scottish Fold

Get to know me:

  • I am affectionate but am known to pick one member of the family as my favourite!
  • Although my ears look cute, it does mean I am prone cartilage problems, alongside breathing and eye problems. So please take good care of me!

Siberian Image
Both days


Get to know me:

  • Expect to spend LOTS of time with me! I will love to go to the bathroom with you, read with you, watch TV and help you cook dinner!
  • You shouldn’t be surprised if you find me playing with water as my ancestors were forest dwellers!

Somali (Longhair) Image
Both days

Somali (Longhair)

Get to know me:

  • Jumping and climbing are so much fun! Invest in a cat tree so I can have hours of fun playing!
  • Although I have long hair, all you need to do is brush me as part of playtime and I will stay silky and soft.

Somali (Shorthair) Image
Both days

Somali (Shorthair)

Get to know me:

  • I will play by myself but please take some time out of your day to keep me company!
  • I am a social cat whether it be humans or feline friends, don’t leave me alone for too long.

Thai Image
Both days


Get to know me:

  • Living with me is like living with small humans. I love exploring your belongings and will follow you around all day!
  • You will be my BEST FRIEND, so be sure I am yours and give me all the love and attention you can.

image of a cat



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National Pet Show Animal line up
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