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Why Blink?

Why Blink? Why Blink?
Posted 18 October, 2019

Why Blink?

We created Blink because we struggled to find any healthy cat food recipes out on supermarket shelves. When we looked at the ingredients on the bigger, older brands there were a lot of unknown ingredients and we didn’t understand why they were needed in recipes. It’s shocking the amount of popular brands out there which only have as little as 4% meat. Plus, lots of these brands contain cereals, added sugar & salt and lots of artificial ingredients. It’s definitely not something we would want to eat, so why are they being given to our furry friends?

So we got back to basics & decided it was time to reinvent cat food. Just simple, healthy recipes that actually puts cat’s welfare first- packed full of high quality fillets that even fussy cats would love.

We start our recipes with raw, human grade chicken breast fillets that are gently cooked in our Northamptonshire ovens to create a tasty broth. We finish by sprinkling in the necessary vitamins and minerals to make our meals complete.

We also support local farmers by sourcing our chicken breasts, duck, beef and turkey fillets from British farms.

What happened next? Well we started seeing improvements in our own cats and then our friends and families cats. Our customer’s cats are getting healthier, not having allergic reactions to any nasties, having shinier coats & finding new releases of energy.

Why ‘Blink’? Cat’s blink as a sign of trust to other cats and their owners. So we thought this is the perfect name for our business as we always do what’s best for cats. We’ve got so many more stories that we’d love to tell you, so please do pop by and see us at the National Pet Show- we’re stand C308!


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