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Top Tips on Adopting a Dog

Top Tips on Adopting a Dog Top Tips on Adopting a Dog
Posted 14 August, 2018

Learn from Al Mayya K9 Adoptions with their Top Ten Tips when you consider adopting your first dog.

1. Before you consider the exciting process of bringing a furry friend into your family make sure your LIFESTYLE will accommodate a new arrival.

  • Do you have time for a dog?
  • How many hours a day will you need to leave the dog alone?
  • Who will look after your dog if you go away?
  • Have you considered the costs?
  • Are you prepared to look after this dog for the next 10-15 years?

2. If all these points have been considered and you feel that you are ready to bring a dog into your life forever, now is the time to start some RESEARCH. Look at what breeds of dog interest you. You can find lots of useful information about different breeds online or there are many good books available on specific breeds too. You should also take in consideration what size dog would be suitable for you. If you aren’t too concerned about size or breed it could make your search a lot easier.

3. Once you have carried out research, it’s a good idea to look up some rescue organisations. We would strongly advise you to check their REVIEWS. It’s also a good idea to speak to someone who has already adopted a dog from the organisation of interest. Most people who have adopted love to help and share their stories with others.

4. When you are happy that you have found the organisation to use now is the time to APPLY and submit your information to them. Most rescues will ask for a questionnaire about your lifestyle and also a house check. The house check is a good way to allow everyone to meet, check the house is safe for a dog and answer any questions from both sides.

5. Now that both yourselves and the organisation have decided you are potential adoptees, it’s time to get some INFORMATION on the dogs available. If the dog is available to meet we advise to do so first. Some dogs travelling from foreign countries may not be available for a meet and greet, but don’t let this put you off. The organisations should provide you with information about the dogs (including videos and pictures) and they will have a very good idea if both you and the dog are suitable for each other.

6. Once you have chosen a dog that is suitable for you its now time to PREPARE. Make sure your house is doggy proof, and you have all the equipment to make your new friend feel at home (bed, toys, treats..). We would recommend you take some time off work for the first week or two to settle the dog in.

7. Taking your new family member HOME will be an exciting day. It is important to provide a calm environment and allow the dog to get used to its new home, stay patient and give the dog plenty of time to settle in.

Have fun and enjoy your lives together!


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