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Top tips: keeping your new reptile companion.

Top tips: keeping your new reptile companion. Top tips: keeping your new reptile companion.
Posted 15 August, 2019

Top tips: keeping your new reptile companion.

Are you looking to welcome a new reptile into the family? Discover our top tips to keeping your new reptile companion.

Reptiles can make great first pets; they take up little space and can be such fascinating creating for both children and adults to learn about. There are so many different types of pet reptiles available with varying level of care needs, you’re sure to find one to fit your family perfectly. 

Before you decide to welcome a new reptile pet to the family home, it’s so important that you fully research the needs of your new cold-blooded companion before you commit to its care. From setting up it’s housing to heated lighting, we’ve put together a list of our top tips to keeping a reptile. 
1. Housing
Starter kits are available providing everything required to re-create a natural habitat – all you need to do is add suitable lighting and heating depending on the species you are keeping.
2. Heating
Reptiles are cold blooded so they must have a heat source, usually through a combination of heat lamps, heat rocks and/or heat mats.
3. Lighting
It’s important to get the correct lighting for your reptiles as the UV radiation is vital for their health.
4. Nutrition
Many species will require live foods, but commercially available pellet foods are also available. Vitamin supplements may also be used to ensure proper nutrition.
5. Cleaning
Cleanliness is very important as a dirty environment can cause sickness and disease. Weekly cleaning is recommended with daily ‘spot cleaning’ to remove waste.


Please note: the above list is not meant to be exhaustive and there are many more aspects to be taken into consideration before keeping reptiles, as with any pet. Provided you do your research and get the right equipment, keeping reptiles is no more difficult than keeping any other pet and should be an extremely rewarding experience.  Getting the environment rights is essential for reptiles.



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