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Top Five Tips by Andy Biggar

Top Five Tips by Andy Biggar Top Five Tips by Andy Biggar
Posted 3 September, 2016

Learn more about the best pet photography..

As a professional Pet Photographer Andy Biggar is often asked how to take better photos of here's his top 5 tips for pet photography! 

"Firstly you don't need a top of the range camera to take good photographs, I use a camera phone a lot as its with me all the time, simple to use and capable of capturing amazing quality photos. One thing you have to ensure is that you are ready at all times to take a photograph, you never know when that perfect photo is going to happen, so always have your camera ready! 

Here are my top 5 tips for getting better photographs, whether on a camera phone or a digital camera!

1.    Get on the same level as your pet - I spend most of my life lying on the floor when I am taking photographs, so that my camera lens is pointing directly at the animals eyes I am photographing. This really helps to give your shots extra impact. Try it and straight away you will see a huge difference! 

2.    Focus on the eyes - both humans and animals communicate with their eyes, they can show fear, anger or joy. Making sure that the eyes are in focus is critical to making your photo stand out.

3.    Check your background - a beautiful pet is not all it takes to get a good photo, you need to ensure that the background is clear from any unsightly objects or distractions.

4.    Get your pets attention - photographing your own pet is never easy, so get a friend to help you when you are taking your photos to attract your pet to look in your direction. Usually this means standing behind you with a treat or a favourite toy.

5.    Use natural light - taking photographs indoors is difficult as your images can come out dark and blurry. Try and take your photos outside in natural light. Avoid dark shadowy areas and bright light and never point your camera directly into sunlight as this can be dangerous.

Remember, just like humans, pets can also have good and bad days and if things are not going to too well put your camera or phone away and try another day!"

For examples of Andy's work visit his website.


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