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Planning a pawsome dog friendly staycation

Planning a pawsome dog friendly staycation Planning a pawsome dog friendly staycation
Posted 30 July, 2020

Pawsome Staycation Planning

Planning the perfect dog friendly staycation


The coronavirus pandemic has dashed a lot of 2020 plans, with most of us having to re-think our summer travel plans. But this year could be the perfect time to plan a staycation and visit your favourite places in the UK with your four-legged friend.

Veterinary charity PDSA give their top tips for planning a dog-friendly holiday.


Do your research beforehand and check local guidance on what is and isn’t open, especially as so many different part of the UK currently have different lockdown rules.

Make sure there’s lots of dog-friendly family activities to do, so you never have to leave your pooch out of the fun. It might be worth making a list of dog friendly attractions and places to eat so you’re well prepared before you get there. It’s also useful to check where the local vet practices are in case of emergencies. 


Wherever you stay, you need to make sure your dog is welcome. There are loads of pet-friendly places across the UK, and most booking sites will have a filter you can select so you only see pet-friendly places to stay. Also remember to check if there is an extra cost for your dog wherever you are staying as some businesses will charge a little more.


Always make sure your dog is safe in the car. Ideally, a harness and seatbelt are perfect for keeping your pooch safe, but you can also use a crate secured in your car or a boot guard (but beware that these won’t protect your pet in an accident). 

Plan plenty of stops into your route so your dog can stretch their legs, go to the toilet and have some water. Cars can quickly heat up, so consider leaving early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the hottest parts of the day and keep your car as cool as possible.


There’s probably lots you’ll need, but some of the essentials are:

  • Plenty of your dog’s normal food so you don’t run out
  • Any medication your dog is on
  • Food and water bowls
  • Lots of poo bags
  • A doggy first-aid kit
  • Toys for playing on the beach or out on walks
  • Your dog’s bed
  • A spare lead in case of any accidents.

Forward planning

Wherever you go, it’s really important to look up local vet practices in case of an emergency. Make sure your dog’s microchip details are up-to-date and they always wear a collar and ID tag.

Never leave your dog in the car, tent, hotel or accommodation you are staying in. Firstly, leaving your dog in a hotel room could be against the hotel’s policy, and tents, cars and caravans get incredibly hot during the day which in severe circumstances can be fatal.


Have a wagnificent time! More tips and vet advice for all your pets can be found on PDSA's website. PDSA-Saving Pets, Changing Lives


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