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Keep your cat healthy and hydrated this summer

Keep your cat healthy and hydrated this summer Keep your cat healthy and hydrated this summer
Posted 6 August, 2019

Keep your cat healthy and hydrated this summer

During the summer months when the days are long and temperatures heat up, it’s important to take extra care of your cat to ensure they stay happy and healthy. Cats are just as at risk of dehydration and heatstroke as the rest us; keeping your feline’s temperatures as low as possible is vital in these balmy summer months. 

Did you know that water makes up 80% of a cat’s weight and is the main constituent of cells, tissues and organs? So even a small decrease in water has a big health impact. Drinking plenty reduces the chance of cats becoming dehydrated, typical symptoms of dehydration include sunken eyes, lethargy, loss of appetite, dry mouth and panting. 

It may sound easier said than done to increase your cat’s water intake but getting them to drink from a bowl is not always an easy task. Cats don’t like drinking still, stagnant water even if it’s fresh. It’s instinctive for cats to avoid stagnant water, which in the wild is much more likely to be contaminated than flowing water. Our No.1 recommendation for increasing your cat’s water intake is a cat drinking fountain! Drinking fountains are recommended by vets as an effective way to encourage your cat to drink more. A fountain provides your cat with a constant source of clean, healthy and flowing water. 

Within the Catit range are 4 different cat drinking fountains; the new LED Flower Fountain with Nightlight, the original bestselling Flower Fountain, the Mini Flower Fountain and the Stainless-Steel Fountain. Tap water is re-circulated through a filter to remove harmful chemicals which helps to prevent urinary tract diseases. Greater exposure to oxygen keeps water fresh and debris is filtered out leaving only clean and fresh water for your kitty. Catit fountains hold between 1.5 to 3 litres of water, providing your kitty with a plentiful supply of water to last the whole day and maximising time between refills. 

  • The new Catit Drinking Fountain with LED Nightlight and Petal Top is the perfect product to engage your cat’s senses at night. The new LED feature illuminates the darkness and provides your cat with a guiding light in the night so they can easily locate a source of water, whilst the new petal top features six water pockets from which your cat is able to drink in case the power gets disconnected.
  • The bestselling Catit Flower Fountain features 3 different settings: a gentle water flow, a bubbling top, or calm streams. This particular fountain also features a compact 3L reservoir and a low wattage pump for low running costs. 
  • The Mini Flower Fountain is made to be more easily accessible for smaller cats & kittens and has a 1.5L reservoir, again with 3 different settings: a gentle water flow, a bubbling top, or calm streams. 
  • The Stainless Steel Fountain features a stylish design, a compact 2L reservoir and is made from high grade stainless steel with a hygienic dishwasher safe top. 

Remember to keep your cat’s drinking fountain somewhere cool, within reach and out of the sun. Shop the full Catit range on our website 

Catit Drinking Fountain with LED Nightlight and Petal Top Catit Flower Fountain Mini Flower Fountain Stainless Steel Fountain


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