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Dog Walker Tips!

Dog Walker Tips! Dog Walker Tips!
Posted 7 April, 2017

We've partnered with Tailster to help you find the perfect dog walker!

It’s important to ensure your dog is walked regularly so they get the exercise they need, but sometimes unavoidable things get in the way - time (especially when working full time), weather and physical injury. If you do need a little help ensuring your dog gets the exercise they need, Tailster are on hand to help you find the perfect dog walker.

Tailster has matched over 80,000 people with vetted carers - and with GPS tracking, maps and photos, their trusted dog walkers don't just tell you your dog has been walked, they show you.

Click here to visit Tailster and create a request.

Having a dog is the perfect motivator to get you out and about more often. Dogs are wonderful walking companions and owners are much more likely to achieve the recommended amount of physical activity, thus reducing the risk of high cholesterol, depression and high blood pressure. And of course, the best thing about dog walking is you get to hang out with your best friend!

Dog walking has many benefits for us humans, but we should also focus on why it’s so important for dogs. Here are some examples of how walking will improve the welfare of your furry companion.

  1. Walking uses up excess energy, which helps keep them well-balanced. Dogs lacking the exercise they need can become bored or destructive, leading to them chewing, digging and scratching things around the home.
  2. Walking aids digestive health and prevents obesity - which is associated with osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease and liver disease.
  3. It’s a great way to get your dog socialising with others - they’ll get to make new friends and play with old ones. It’s fun for them and will also build their confidence!
  4. It’s a good opportunity for behaviour training.
  5. Walking together will strengthen the bond between you and your dog.

Walks aren’t just good for a dog's health and behaviour, they also really enjoy them! Dogs get so excited when they go for a walk because, just like us, they need exposure to the world beyond the home, to experience new sights, smells and sounds. Try and vary walks where possible to keep them investigating and learning new things.
As a general rule your dog should be walked for 15 minutes, twice a day, but many dogs need more than this. This all depends on their age, breed and general health.


Tailster was founded in 2014 and has grown rapidly to be a marketplace of over 160,000 users. Offering pet services including dog walking, dog boarding and sitting as well as services for cats and small animals, Tailster’s blend of great customer service and simple but powerful technology has won a huge following of happy customers. Tailster is the largest dog-walking company in the UK, and its mobile walk-tracking and photo-location technologies are used by customers every day; the total distance of tracked dog walks recorded stretches from London to China.



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