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DeShedding is not Brushing or Combing

DeShedding is not Brushing or Combing DeShedding is not Brushing or Combing
Posted 8 October, 2018

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Grooming is necessary for an animal's health and hygiene. The removal of shed hairs helps the hair in its renewal process. More importantly, grooming cleans the skin of dandruff, eliminates dry skin flakes and improves its insulation properties. There are different ways to groom the pet’s skin and fur like brushing, combing or deShedding.

Often when we talk about the ‘control of shedding’ we think about brushing and/or combing, but this is not equal to deShedding. Brushes and combs are used to clean the coat of debris and keep the pet’s coat looking shiny and healthy. Brushing in particular is necessary to untangle knots, loose dirt, remove dead hair and other detritus, which stimulates the skin into producing natural oils. In comparison to that combing intends to smooth the hair and bring it in shape; untangling knots in the facial region/ head as well as on legs & paws and tail. Compared with brushing and combing deShedding is considered as the effective removal of loose dead undercoat from the pet without cutting or damaging the top coat or the pet’s delicate skin.

While brushing, combing and deShedding are all together necessary parts of your pet’s grooming routine, brushing and combing alone will not take care of your pet’s shedding problem, because they are not enough to reduce shedding up to 100%. Thanks to deShedding used mostly after brushing and combing the loose dead pet’s hair can be effectively removed. So deShedding helps to reduce shedding and brushing and combing take care of the health and appearance of the pet’s hair contributing to the removal of shed hair. Thus, using all three ways of grooming you keep your pet’s fur and skin healthy and vital.

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