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Breaking news
Breaking news:

Micro Pigs at the Show

Micro Pigs

Pigs IconCome and meet the cutest little pigs you will ever see! 


There will be demonstrations and talks on pet pig keeping in the Exoterra Animals zone -  including how to train your micro pig to walk on a lead and information on feeding.


You'll learn every thing you need to know to make sure your pet pig lives a happy and healthy life!


Pig Racing!

Sponsor a pig in the micro pig racing!

...with heats taking take place at 11am, 2pm and 4pm on both days, raising money for the International Justice Mission (IJM) charity.  The winner will receive an adoption for their chosen pig.

Did you know?

Pig ImageMicro pigs make fantastic pets, especially for people who suffer from allergies as they will have hair rather than fur. Micro pigs are not aggressive animals and are safe around children and other animals.  They are highly intelligent creatures too.

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